Swap Wheels

4.3 ( 5823 ratings )
Developer: d-Red Technologies Limited

Swap Wheels with Smart iOS App

Swap n’ Play for 3 times the fun.
Who are you today? Are you a Policeman catching bad guys or driving your Fire Truck to rescue someone or just delivering cement to build a house today?

Featuring a driving experience via Bluetooth solution, Swap Wheels works effortlessly with your iPhone or iPod touch with no additional adapter required.

The Swap Wheels provides a fun filled seamless driving experience and comes with a Play Set of 3 cars. Along with the Swap Wheels, you can download the accompanying App completely free from the App Store.

The Swap Wheels App is an easy to use fun filled App specifically designed for those little fingers. For an adventurous drive, turn on the Accelerometer mode. The interactive Smart App is able to recognize which “Body” is in place and switches the UI accordingly.

•Swap Wheels Series Collectables.
•Suitable for ages 5+.
•Made For iPod/ iPhone Certified.
•Smart Body Detection Technology.
•App designed specifically for kids.

Kids friendly remote control car.